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Engine 1 has advanced safety features.


In addition to the standard side-view mirrors found on all motor vehicles, three video cameras are mounted around the apparatus to help the driver see blind spots and reduce the possibility of striking pedestrians, other vehicles, or guard rails, barriers and other obstructions.

We also have a seat belt monitor on board, so the driver/operator can be sure that all of the riders are wearing their seat belts before the truck moves!


Engine 1

It's the newest member of the Ingomar VFC family. Our 2011 Sutphen Monarch custom pumper proudly serves as our first-out pumper for the Main Station. Engine 1 boasts a 500-horsepower Cummins turbo diesel engine, a 2000-gpm single-stage Hale pump with front intake, remote-controlled deck gun, 4-side-mountable cable winch, and SCBA seating for six. The Sutphen carries 1,200 feet of supply line, 3 200-foot pre-connected hand lines, a 100-foot trash line, 200 feet of 3-inch leader line, a Blitzfire portable monitor pre-connected to 250 feet of 3-inch hose, and more! Our new pumper sets the standard for pumper engines.

In addition to all that hose line, we carry an array of ladders, a thermal imaging camera, multi-gas meters, a hot stick, an AED, medical equipment, salvage covers, generators, ventilation fans, and submersible pumps. We never know how we need to help the community, and we're ready for anything.

We're proud of Engine 1, and we're thankful that we're able to utilize this state-of-the-art pumper to provide the best fire protection possible to the residents of McCandless!