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Ingomar firefighters are all volunteers. Not only do we need your financial support to provide the level of service our community needs, expects, and deserves, but we need your help, too!

If you're interested in serving your community, we have spot for you! Contact us to learn more about how you can help!



Ingomar VFC does not charge for the services we provide to the community; if you need our help, you will never get a bill from us. But we do rely on the generosity of our local residents and businesses to provide the funds to help us keep our stations, apparatus, tools, and protective equipment in top working order. Here's how you can provide much-needed financial support for your local volunteer fire department:


Ingomar VFC Annual Fundraising Mailers

The Ingomar VFC annual fundraising mailer program is our main fundraising program. We encourage our Ingomar neighbors to support our fire company; when you receive our mailer, please return the stub with your generous donation. We've suggested several donation amounts from which you may choose depending on your financial situation, but we'll accept any donation amount! All proceeds benefit Ingomar Volunteer Fire Company.

If you're a resident living within our fire district and you do not receive our fundraising letters, you can still make a donation! Simply call the station at (412) 364-3571 and we'll contact you with all of the information you need!


Ladies' Auxiliary Rummage Sale

This annual event is a win-win for everyone involved! Our Ladies' Auxiliary collects some of the finest gently used goods in the area, and in June they come together for a day of great finds! Our ladies also reserve spaces for others in the community who wish to sell their own rummage! All proceeds benefit Ingomar Volunteer Fire Company.


A Note About Ingomar VFC Lottery Calendars

Our Lottery Calendar fundraising program ended on December 31, 2014. We thank everyone who has participated in this fundraising effort . . . your support helped to make this program a huge success for well over ten years! Rest assured that our Ladies' Auxiliary is working on other exciting fundraisers to help support our mission of protecting lives and property in the Town of McCandless and surrounding communities.

In the meantime, you may always make donations through our fundraising mailers and rummage sale, and at any of our community events.

Thank you again for your support, and stay tuned!!